Online Conference on Recent Developments in European Travel Law

The International Travel Law Network (ITLN), an association of lawyers specialising in travel law, organised an online conference on 27 March 2023 to discuss recent developments in European travel law.
The topics included

  • the right to terminate a package travel contract in case of unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances, in particular the relevance of travel warnings and the relevant point in time for a withdrawal;
  • the CJEU decision on price reduction claims in the event of impairment due to extraordinary circumstances;
  • current case law on travel law in Malta;
  • the current status of the revision of the Package Travel Directive by the EU Commission; and
  • the tour operator’s right of redress against service providers.

The event was attended by more than forty participants, including representatives of several tour operators. As the Austrian representative on the panel, Michael Wukoschitz chaired the discussion on the right of withdrawal. For media coverage, a representative of the magazine “Travel Weekly” took part.

A video recording of the conference is available on YouTube.

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