We ARE INDIVIDUALISTS with a strong passion for our respective specialist areas and complement each other for a wider range of expertise in favour of our clients, predominantly being medium-sized but also world-wide operating companies from Austria, the EU ( in particular Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia), Switzerland, the UK, USA and Canada, and their Austrian subsidiaries.

We OFFER profound & personal Advice AND REPRESENTATION on site, with expert knowledge in the particular field- independent from any influence – well appreciated by clients and colleagues from around the world.

We HAVE established an INTERNATIONAL NETWORK of carefully selected lawyers of equal standing which covers all major countries and cities of this world and can therefore provide comprehensive legal advice to our clients across borders.

We FEEL committed to the law which we regard a profession and VOCATION rather than a mere business.

Intellectual Property Law

IP-Law (Trade Mark Law, Design Protection, Patent Law) | Copyright Law | IT-Law and E-Commerce | Unfair Trade Practices | Advertising | Media Law
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Real Estate Law

Real Estate Contracts | Property Developer Contracts | Construction Law (Administrative Procedures, Construction Contract Law, Civil Litigation) | Tenancy Law and Residential Property Law
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Travel and Transport

Travel and Tourism Law | Transport and Haulage Law | Aviation Law | Customs | Insurances | Accommodation Law
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Corporate Law and Commercial Law

Corporate Law | Merger & Acquisition | Restructurings | Trade Law | International Purchase of Goods | Dispute Resolution (judicially and extra-judicially) | Tax Law | Labour Law | Wage Dumping and Social Dumping
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Constitutional Law and Administrative Law

Constitutional Law | Administrative Law | Administrative Procedures and Administrative Prosecutions | Data protection and Compliance | Human Rights | Fundamental Rights
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Life Sciences

Pharmaceutical Law | Food Law | Medical Products Law
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